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MPress 9" x 12" High Pressure Heat Press Machine

This entry-level machine will allow you to transfer your own printed images with heat transfer paper as well as your vinyl heat transfers and your rhinestone transfers! With the MPress Heat Press, you can customize your own t-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, ceramic tiles, coasters, and so much more!


HPN Black Series Cap Hat Heat Press Transfer Machine

The HPN Cap Hat Heat Press Machine has become the heat press of choice for those in the profitable cap printing market. This cap press was designed around the customers’ needs – based on extensive market research and a collection of individual customer’s feedback. The heat press features an exclusive cap hold device that keeps your cap in place during application and transfers. You no longer need an extra pair of hands to keep the cap and transfer from misalignment! Our customers love it and so will you!


HeatPressNation CraftPro 15" x 15" Crafting Transfer Machin

The HeatPressNation CraftPro is a culmination of an idea. What if we take the best of parts of our higher-end heat presses, and implement them in a compact, crafting machine? This is the culmination of that idea. The CraftPro is designed for you, the crafter, working with heat transfer vinyl (HTV),heat transfer paper, sublimation, and even plastisol


MPress 15" x 15" High Pressure Heat Press Machine

This heat press works great in both commercial and domestic settings, and it can perform any size job with supreme durability. The “strong handle” design allows for easy and sturdy operations. When pressed down, it provides industrial strength, pressure, and even temperature to the surface, guaranteeing the transfer to last on the garment.


HPN Signature PRO 16" x 20" Auto-Open Heat Press with SurePressure

The HPN Signature Pro comes with an exclusive feature we call SurePressure (patent pending). This allows you to have reference points of all of your transfer’s pressure settings Simply find the right amount of pressure for your transfer, note the number, and now next time you press the same item again, you’ll be able to replicate the same exact results. Now in addition to having consistent heat and time, you’ll now have consistent pressure every time.


Stahls' Hotronix Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

The Fusion IQ Heat Press is designed with an operators use in mind, allowing for two methods of operation: a swing or draw style press. Each style allows the operator to work in a heat free environment with the opportunity to safely load the lower platen. The lower platen is on a quick release system, allowing for the operator to quickly change the entire platen or adjust the orientation for ease of loading.


Stahls' Hotronix Table Top Air Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

The Hotronix Table Top Air Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press offers a semi-automatic heat press operation from a device that is small enough to fit on a table. Utilizing an expansive touch screen, the Table Top Air Fusion Heat Press offers all of the benefits of the Air Fusion heat press is a compact model that will fit on your table while providing threadability that eliminates any need for a pad or pillow. While requiring an external compressor, the Table Top Air Fusion supports up to 120 PSI to be used for decorations that require firm and even pressure application


Stahls' Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press with Laser Alignment System

The Hotronix Dual Air Fusion Heat Press paves the way for innovative heat pressing. The Hotronix Air Fusion transitions from the platen to the platen, allowing you to thread and remove garments quickly and easily. Using the touch-screen panel, program two separate jobs and watch your press automatically adjust the time, temperature, and pressure as it moves from work station A to B.


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